About Me

Hi! I’m Abby Powers. Thanks for stopping by.

I grew up in Western North Carolina in the small town of Boone, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Home to Appalachian State University and a big part of my heart. Boone’s simple atmosphere, and help those in need attitude had a tremendous influence on who I am today.
I moved to Johnson County, Kansas in 2000.  From there my dreams really did come true.  I met and married my husband, Joe Mike, a Marine that fought in Desert Storm, and who has served as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic in the KC Metro area for over 25 years.  Joe was born and raised here, and has a very large family that lives in the Liberty/KC area and Independence.  We have four amazing children ranging from 14 years old to 2 years old.  Lilly, Ava, George Boone and Estelle Marie.  We couldn’t be more blessed with these kids, I’m telling you! Lilly is an honors student as well as being very athletic with a black belt in TKD and a new passion for Track and Field.  Ava is our book worm kid that loves ballet and being a cheerleader.  Go Necco Raiders!  George Boone loves to pester his sisters, and is crazy about all things high energy.  He will be attending his last year of preschool this fall.  Estelle Marie is the baby of the family, and boy does she know it!  She has definitely made our family complete.
We relocated to the KC/Liberty area a number of years ago.  Soon after I became a REALTOR®.  I was recruited by and joined Keller Williams KC North and haven’t looked back since.  I really can’t tell you the joy it brings me to help people tackle their dreams through Real estate.  Whether it is the first time buyer/investor, the experienced owner or professional investor.  Every deal is different, and to be able to serve my client by taking on their needs and hopefully stress (hey, that’s my job, don’t worry about it!) I end up leaving that deal with an extreme sense of gratitude and accomplishment.  My goal is for you as my client to reach your goal, and hopefully create a relationship that will span over many many years.
This city is truly one of a kind.  If you are a transplant, I can help show it to you through the eyes of someone that no longer calls herself a transplant but a true Kansas Citian.  I’m in love with KC and all of it’s amazing food and culture.  Having lived in two of it’s largest suburbs, as well as been a weekend wanderer and explorer there isn’t a part of this city I don’t know.
Hopefully through this Blog, we will learn more about one another, food, wine Kansas City and this thing called Life.